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Welcome to the Pudding Emporium

Our chef behind The Puddding Emporium has been making Christmas puddings for friends, family, and customers for over 30 years. Our luxury puddings are all hand made and mixed. There is no mechanical processing of our puddings at any stage, ensuring traditional integrity in each and every pudding. We will not compromise on our ingredients using only the finest selected products with ‘no expense spared’ in their manufacture and preparation.

The recipe, handed down, but refined for modern tastes, uses premium quality butter in place of traditional suet, leaving the texture less heavy and more suitable to children and our mature customers.

Our family puddings are provided in a Mason Cash pudding bowl. By steaming our puddings in their original bowls, the flavours are allowed to develop to their full potential (producing a far superior result to plastic containers). The pudding and its bowl are then wrapped in an organic white muslin pudding cloth, allowing the pudding to breathe and the flavours to mature in the traditional way. By steaming the pudding to warm it, you’ll ensure none of the fabulous flavours are lost.

You only indulge in a pudding like this once every year, so don’t hold back and buy the best for this Xmas. We are happy to send our exclusive puddings gift prepared with a message of your choice to friends, family or as a corporate gift.